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  • Tahiti: An Ideal Romantic Destination

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    The daily grind of work and other obligation in life can send any couple into a serious rut. Whether you are dating someone special, or if you just want to get away; a romantic destination may be the key to lighting up a mundane love life. One place that is sure to setting the sparks aflame is Tahiti.

    Tahiti is the largest island in French Polynesia, the South Pacific archipelago. Shaped like a figure-8, it's divided into Tahiti Nui (the larger, western section) and Tahiti Iti (the eastern peninsula). With black-sand beaches, lagoons, waterfalls and 2 extinct volcanoes, it's a popular vacation destination. Explored by Captain James Cook in the 18th century, it was also often painted by French artist Paul Gauguin.

    Tahiti is truly an oasis for lovers. Located in the South Pacific,, this tropical paradise boasts of authentic huts, flora and fauna, with a special added wonder of an over water bungalow.

    Light the spark and get-a-way in Tahiti.

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