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  • What is your “Love Language?”

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    Author, Gary Chapman encourages couples to learn their Love Language, in addition, learn their partners Love Language. In his book “The 5 Love Languages,” Mr. Chapman states that we all have specific ways that we express love and wish to receive love. According the the book there are primarily 5 different ways (Love Languages) that most people like to express their love and receive love from their partners. Here are the 5 categories:

    1.) Words of Affirmation

    2.) Acts of Service

    3.) Receiveing Gifts

    4.) Quality Time

    5.) Physical Touch

    Words of Affirmation: King Solomon, known as the wisest man on earth stated that “Life and Death” are in the power of the tongue. This Love Language prefers to hear verbal affirmations. They enjoy hearing compliments from their loved one; hearing the words “I Love You” is important to this Love Language category. Hearing how special they are to their partner is important as well as the way the affirmatin is said. Hearing encouragement really is important to the loved one that is in this Love Language category.

    Acts of Service: This Love Language prefers actions instead of words. The things that you do for your loved one matters more than words stated. Showing actions such as helping around the house, or helping with tasks is very important for this Love Language category.

    Receiving Gifts: People in this Love Language, feel the most loved when they receive gifts of love from their loved ones. Not to be mistaken for materialism; this Love Language focuses on the thought that goes behind the giving of the gift. The gift is seen as a token of the loved one “thinking” of them and that they are important to them.

    Quality Time: This Love Language is important for people who love and need their partners undivided attention. Cell phones, computers, other people, etc. is considered a distraction for the person who prefers to receives love within the Quality Time category. One-on-One time is very important. Breaking dates, being late, and failing to listen is very disturbing for the partner who is in this Love Language.

    Physical Touch: As Olivia Newton-John stated in her hit song of the 80’s “Let’s Get Physical,” this Love Language is all about touch. However, It is not all about the bedroom; being close to their partners, holding hands in public, hugs & embracing, sitting close to their partners, touching in some way affirms this love type. Nothing says I love you more than physical touch within this category.

    Knowing your love language can better help you understand what you need in your partner; just as important, knowing your partners Love Language can better equip you to give them the love that they need in the specific way that is most important to them. Find out your love language by taking the quiz on the link below. Taking the “Love Language” quiz is a great activity for couples to do together…. Enjoy Learning you Love Language:



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