John & Shirley Bizjak :  A Wanderlust couple; loving the joys and learning experiences of cultural travel. We love good times, we love experiencing new cuisines, we love immersing ourselves in the culture of the countries that we visit but, most of all we love each other. Through their journeys, The Loving Day Retreat Organizers have organized a network of IR couples who gather together at destinations throughout the world to reconnect, strengthen and rejuvenate the love they have for one another. Our retreats are designed for couples to re-connect and reflect on their relationships. Each retreat entails private relationship tasks designed to be completed during the destination retreat. Re-Connect and Rekindle with Loving Day Destination Retreats.


Loving Day Destination Retreats was founded to celebrate Richard and Mildred Loving's supreme court victory which allowed Richard and Mildred; a mixed-race couple to legally marry in the state of Virginia.  We love to have a good time, we love good company, we love to travel and most of all we love each other. Celebrate the tie (Love) that binds your IR relationship on this extraordinary retreat.

Although Loving Day Destination Retreats was incorporated to celebrate the Loving Day historical victory for inter-racial marriages; all couples celebrating their love for one another are welcome join our retreat..... Love is Our Choice!

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